Summary Of Chasing Ice

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Purpose The thesis of the film “Chasing Ice” is to portray the extreme climate change we are facing today. The film has a clear goal of showing visually the danger we are causing our planet by denying climate change. The aim of the film is to show us visually that climate change does exist and it is happening at a rapid rate. The film does a good job at providing evidence that climate change is happening, by capturing footage of the changes occurring over short periods of time. These videos captured by James Balog’s recording devices make it almost impossible to deny climate change and that is precisely the purpose of the film. Summary The film “Chasing Ice” is a documentary made to show how rapidly climate change is occurring and how it is impossible to deny that it exists. James Balog became interest in climate change and as he grew curious he decided to start the EIS (extreme ice survey) which was his idea of planting cameras in several locations such as Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, The Rocky Mountains and more. The film shows James and the help of two other men going to these places planting these extreme weather proof cameras in order to capture photo evidence that climate change is occurring. We learn in the film that Balog takes lots of time away from home in order to complete his project but he is determined to do so and his family supports it and agrees it is the right thing. When the cameras are planted the first time around, it is later realized that the cameras were not doing their job and did not capture the footage and they had hoped. Balog becomes extremely discouraged but does not fail to come up with a solution. He turns to using the cameras used for National Geographic and the results are then flawless. Throughout the documentary Balog suffers from knee pain and under goes several surgeries just to continue his mission. Even days after surgery he is out taking photographs of glaciers and taking on treks is the freezing cold, ice and snow filled environments just to capture his photo evidence. The documentary shows Balog presenting his information to large groups of people. Many viewers are amazed at the clear evidence of climate change and at that point it is known that Balog
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