Summary Of Childhood Obesity Prevention

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The article I chose to review was Childhood Obesity Prevention: a Review of School Nurse Perceptions and Practices. The main purpose of this article was to observe how well school nurses impact the prevention of childhood obesity within the school systems. Health education and promotion is a very important topic stressed in today’s society. More and more children are developing high Body Mass Indexes and putting themselves at risk for developing diabetes and heart disease. The studies done through this article included a variety of different schools, involving children of different ages on childhood obesity prevention practices. Each level of prevention was addressed by the school nurses. Through primary prevention, information on better nutrition and the increase for more physical exercise…show more content…
Showing parents how serious of an issue obesity is can very well change their outlooks overall. Moyers and colleagues asserted school nurses were concerned that singling out a child for a COP class or program might cause additional peer pressure or ridicule to that child. (Quelly, 2014) This statement is my only main concern with this whole process. Since bullying is such a big issue in schools these days, I am just as hesitant on making it apparent as these nurses are. Unfortunately, the problem with bullying is as serious as obesity is and something does need to change. School nurses have a much bigger impact on the future health of children than we think and we need to become more aware of it nationwide. Even though this article did show some inconsistencies of participation, overall it did highlight how big of an issue obesity in children has become. School nurses need to keep implementing the importance of obesity prevention in every child in order for our country to become healthier
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