Summary Of Colin Dickey's 'Do We Still Need Ghosts?'

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As Halloween recently passed, Colin Dickey posed questions to his audience of “do we still need ghosts?” and if so, why do ghost stories exist today and why do we need them? Though the author’s interest in ghost hunting, he responds to the questions in a rather biased way by including personal experiences, thoughts, and opinions. But this organization of the article aids Dickey to connect and relate with the audience who also share similar interests of ghosts. Dickey directly states in the first paragraph that people do need ghost stories. In a modern world where science and logic is used to answer questions, telling ghost stories and believing in them is still popular. The author also found out that ghost stories date back to the times of…show more content…
It makes the unknown less terrifying and fills the holes about the mysteries after death by giving a sense of reassuring closure. The author exemplifies a situation that most people can relate to: everyone grew up with that creepy house in their neighborhood and telling ghost stories is one way to reason why the house was strange. In another context, ghosts stories help people connect with their loved ones and deal with tragedies that are frightening to the living. With a topic such as life after death, science cannot necessarily answer the uncertainties about it. Ghost stories continue to be a source of making sense about the world’s areas of vagueness. In an emotional and informational perspective, the author holds a passionate tone towards the subject of ghosts. Dickey is credible and wants his audience to understand his opinions about his philosophical view on the boundary between life and death. By providing personal accounts with ghosts, the author is able to expose emotion that connects with the readers. His purpose of writing this piece is to reason why ghost stories are still told today and how people use them. Thus, Dickey concludes that with a nebulous subject of spirits, people will always use ghost stories to cope with the
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