Summary Of Commentary On Current Economic Conditions

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Module 9 - Discussion Visit the Fed's Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions (Links to an external site.), also known as the Beige Book. Prepare a proposal recommending monetary policy actions designed to correct problems with spending, employment, and prices. Defend your choices. What an overwhelming task it can be for one person to try and fix all these problems! There would be no way for one person to be able to find a “fix” for every aspect of failure. Working together quarterly as a collective group addressing the issues and finding solutions would be the only way to accomplish these tasks that could benefit everyone. Problems that arose in the spending related to tourism had a direct relation to the price of fuel.…show more content…
To help improve this focus on the energy sector could improve the employment problem. Increasing the cost can help increase the production of the required steel, providing more jobs in that sector. Problems in New York, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Kansas City all reported a need in skilled workers for information technologies, engineering, specialty healthcare, construction manufacturing and transportation. To help increase employment opportunities for these required jobs a placement of educational benefits could help, advertising a need in these job fields can increase the desired students to apply for these careers. Increase pay can also help in drawing in more folks interested in these careers. Cleveland and Richmond noted that a need for low-skilled employees is in demand and hard to fill. Some potential improvements could be made in hiring high school students for summer jobs. Increasing the benefits, or pay that might attract people looking for low-skill requirement jobs. Combine some of the requirements for low-skilled jobs and incorporating it into a larger job, high pay possibility. In the end there is no way to please every person. The economy is too large of an object to fit every person’s desired result. Proper planning and forethought by honest people can eliminate a lot of the problems. Putting the needs of others before your needs can also
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