Summary Of 'Coping With Internalized Oppression'

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I believe we all go through some form of internal oppression at some point in our lives. Karen Stone in “Coping with Internalized Oppression,” tells us a brief story about how she went through internalized oppression with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and strongly emphasizes that people will need to change their views or people suffering with any disability will need to find a way to cope or learn to be happy with life. Stone shows her credibility by establishing what she suffered through thoughts of suicide, citing sources, and giving some examples how to pull through internalized oppression. She does a decent job with appealing to people’s emotions, and able to bring groups together with similar aspirations in life; although Stone begins to lose credibility due to not bringing in any logic to her statements and continues to be repetitive in her argument. In the article, Stone begins by stating that she has MS and that she had contemplated suicide. Stone continued to tell us that she was suffering with internal oppression due to the outside world and began to state that for oppression to change, society would need to alternate its’ views to a more positive direction. When her life was at rock bottom, she felt as if she was worthless, useless, and unloved but it all began to change once she realized she needed to live her life to the fullest. She joined support groups and cited other’s words by telling us as the reader how each one dug their way out of depression and moved on

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