Summary Of Cornland By Gail Dines

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Gail Dines’s book Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality (Beacon Press, 2011) is about how porn is affecting our lives and why it's presence is damaging to our sexual freedom. Her point of view is just one point of view but it's very thought provoking and it makes you question a lot of things. A lot of things that you wouldn't generally think of. Some may not agree with her point-of-view because of her “anti-porn” agenda, but in this book Dine makes a fair amount of valid points.

Truthfully, a lot of the parts of the book I had to skipped over because some of the language she used and the way she used it was very triggering. I understand that she said certain things in certain ways to get her point across and to really show how vulgar things were. But for me personally, it was hard to handle and to completely get the full experience of reading her research and findings.
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In this environment, child porn is the only thing that turns some guys on anymore. Ultimately it will get a lot worse. Teaching that women have no worth has a direct effect on how porn-watching men and boys treat females.

Dine opened my eyes to the really bad side of pornography that deep down in my heart, I knew existed but I never acknowledged it. I honestly didn't know it could get as lucrid as she had described but I knew it was unacceptable. Gonzo pornograhy is one of those completely unacceptable and disgusting things that I truly wished didn't exist. She made it really clear that a lot of porn is about business and that many companies profit from the business
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