Summary Of Culturally Speaking Individualism And Collectivism

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Millions of people in the United States read socialist newspapers. They elected socialist members of Congress and socialist members of state legislatures (Goodman, 2009). Howard Zinn was extremely opinionated about Obama in this article bringing awareness to what so many people already had in the back of their mind. In the video “Culturally Speaking: Individualism and Collectivism” (Silvercat's place, 2009) culture is responsible our actions. Individualistic cultures are more concerned about goals and interests of the in-group. In groups are groups of individual we feel concern for while outgroups are seen as separate from us. Fundamentalists are quick to distinguish in-groups and out-groups. I was amazed at when I studied the pie charts on page 96 of the supplemental material (The Spread of Ideology). Television is phony according to these charts. The difference of portrayed ethnicity on television to real statistics are noticeable. There are actually 11% less white, 4% less black, 11% more Latino, and 4.7% increase of Asian. The 1.5% of Native Americans were not included on the pie chart for television.…show more content…
In the context of globalization, increased interdependence has created unprecedented opportunities for and threats on intercultural conflict (Sorrell). The micro-frame analysis focuses on the individual-based interactional dimension of intercultural conflict. The interpersonal context is more or less a dispute or difference of opinion. The intergroup context is more of two different ethnicities fighting over resources. The international (global) context is two nations-states engaging into
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