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D evelopment of Ho’opili When I drive by a new house being advertised for a sale or search for homes on Zillow, I can’t help but to wonder about the day I get to buy my own home. But, then I look at the price, and suddenly that dream just crash and burns. In Hawaii you have to make a fortune just to live comfortably here. With the high cost of living, it doesn’t make able to own a home easier. Many locals on the islands are looking else where to buy homes because it’s just that hard. But there could be a solution to that problem, simply to use our land to build more homes. Ho’opili a new city that will be built on farmlands on the Ewa plains will offer more reasonable prices for homes and more businesses. The development of Ho’opili will better the economy and provide affordable housing for Hawaii residents. Why is Ho’opili beneficial to our economy you might think? Ho’opili will be a new city that will consist of affordable housing to Hawaii’s residents. Here on the islands we are suffering from high cost of living and an even higher housing market. On USA Today’s Most Expensive states to live in, Hawaii ranks number one in the cost of living index and Housing index. To be able to live comfortably in Hawaii you would have to make about $122,000 a year. The average home value in Hawaii is around $520,000, and that’s about $420 per square foot. So you will have to pay a hefty price to even afford a home here in paradise. Here in Hawaii, a lot of people chose to rent

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