Summary Of David God ' S Man

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Alma Hannah , Date Sept 16th, 2016 , Instructor Pastor Robert Smith DAVID GOD 'S MAN SLC Bible collage Life of David Even though it was said that David was slothful in his own personal life, he was portrayed as a man after God 's own heart. A man of war. commissioned to be the next king of Israel. He would fight many battles and through God would win the wars with other countries and Israel 's enemies. A psalmist; a writer of many poems, he wrote most of the Psalms in the Bible. There were times where he did not please God. These were the times during his occasions of sin. Sleeping with Bathsheba and killing her husband and taking her as his own wife. Also taking other wives that were offered to idols, and more wives than God said he can posses. David at many times would put the cart before the horse. (As we say it) in his actions. Although David managed to come back into God 's pasture after feeling much guilt and repent of his ways and being restored. There were many consequences for his actions. He longed to seek God 's face again like when he was just a lad, full of the presence and anointing of God, tending the sheep in the sheepfold and making melody in his heart and meditating on God 's word. David singing hymens and songs of praise and worship, pondering many things that God had placed in his heart. David seemed to be very content during those informative years. David was first called by God when he was 9 years old(found right answer) He was the
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