Summary Of ' Death Dealer '

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Death Dealer “The night is still young bro its not curfew yet.” stated Tanner as he was driving his brother home. Matthew said “Well mom wants me home and I needed a ride.” There was a loud bang! Then the car went rolling. “They 're both out.” says the masked man on his earpiece. There was a car driving towards the spot where they crashed and the masked man was enveloped in the closing fog. While the guys were pulled out by a man named Eobard Thawne. It was three days until the brothers were released from the hospital. The eldest of the two,Tanner was a professional baseball player for the Kansas City Royals. The youngest though was a trouble maker , his name is Matthew but was called mace because he sprayed a security guard with his own mace. Now the two were in big trouble by none other than the monster called mom. The boys surprisingly got out of the hospital no problem because mom was just worried. The masked man had been watching them all that week. The man was freakishly tall with gruesomely evil looking eyes. “I wasn 't the one who hurt you.” said the man. “If it wasn’t you then who was it!” “Please don 't yell Thawne is listening.” “tThawne was the one who save me!” said Matt. “No it was me.” the man claimed. The man finally made them believe them When thawne walked up. “well you finally found out.” Thawne explained that he did try to kill them but he failed. “I don 't understand you’ll just leave…
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