Summary Of ' Depression ' You Say? Check Those Safety Nets '

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Andrea Jacqueline Delmar
Dr. Angelica Palacios
Mexican-American History
24 May 2016 According to Charles Duhigg, author of ‘’Depression, You Say? Check Those Safety Nets" in the 1930 's one of the longest, deepest and most widespread events in history occurred. Duhigg explains how the stock market crashing led to a significant decline in economic activity and bigger interest rates. This wiped out millions of investors. Consumer spending dropped and investments too. Steep declines in industrial output led to rising levels of unemployment. This event affected many families, but in this case we are going to focus on one family in particular. The Chavez’ family. After being kicked out from their farm located in Yuma, Arizona, where Cesar was born, his family decided to move to California to find opportunity. For ten years, moving up and down the state working in the fields of California, Cesar Chavez lived the circumstances he then realized he was going to dedicate his life to change. Eric Foner and John A. Garraty, authors of ' 'The Reader’s Companion to American History ' ' describe what Cesar Chavez wanted to change, ' 'Wretched migrant camps, corrupt labor contractors, insufficient wages for backbreaking work and bitter racism. ' ' Despite that, Chavez had a complex view on immigration. He thought that being on the illegal immigrant’s side could be used as ‘’deal breakers’’ as it would undermine the pay for those who were already legal workers. But his…

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