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Destiny Decided by Chance By Yabut, Alden An individual 's destiny is controlled by many factors and events. The individual can have great hold over destiny, allowing the person a strong force in what happens in their life. On the others hand, there are also multiple factors that could affect a person 's destiny. One such factor is significant event within a person’s life. Whether it is war, turmoil within a country, a loss of life, or a big move significant events have a strong sway if determining an individual 's destiny. As the change a person’s mindset, emotions and how impartial an individual chooses to be. Elieazer Wiesel, The Man in the Foreground, and my personal life experiences portray the impact that significant events have in determining an individual’s destiny. In the literary memoir Night, Elie Wiesel describes how significant events play an important role in determining his own destiny. Elie Wiesel’s hunger for God is the force that moves him throughout life. It is the reason for his rising up in the morning and his last thought before he lays to rest. In the day Elie Wiesel is a student of the Talmud and at night he searches and prays for a person to Teach him Kabbalah, the traditional Jewish mysticism. One day his prayers are answered in the form of a man named Moishe the Beadle. Moishe is a homeless man. But, unlike the other less fortunate individuals, Moishe is held in high esteems by the townsfolk of Sighet, Elie and Moishe’s town of residence.

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