Summary Of Differences In 'Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned'

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In “Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned,” by Walter Mosley, ex-convict from South Central Los Angeles, Socrates Fortlow, makes a difference in his community by helping/guiding an 11-year old boy soon to be gang member, Darryl; helps long time friends, Howard and Corina Shakur, get their family back in order; and helps get rid of a murderer in the neighborhood, Petis. In “Crimson Shadow,” Socrates takes Darryl under his wing and gives him life lessons, convincing him he does not need a gang in order to live, and helps him get off the street. Socrates decides to help Darryl because he sees that he has no correct guidance in his life and it reminds Socrates how he was before when he killed the two people and went to jail, so he helps Darryl get on the right track so he won’t end up like Socrates. With Socrates mentoring Darryl, he acts like a father figure to Darryl, which is something Darryl never had in his household. Socrates teaches Darryl how to face the truth, even if it was good or bad. Socrates wants Darryl to see that living in this world is tough and with all bad we have done we pay back in different ways and if you want to be forgiven in a way you need to do good whether it is with others or yourself. An example of
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