Summary Of Diversity By Arwa

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Children must be taught about diversity. They should be taught how to live with others no matter the race they are coming from or their families. These three books are great in teaching children about diversity because everyone in general want them to grow up in a society free from discrimination and bias. The books will help prepare children by informing them how to live in the modern diversified society where everyone is unique in his or her own way.
Arwa enjoyed reading all these books and was happy to learn that in this world, there are different types of families. Arwa wanted to know more about the different types of families and kept asking questions about why some families are different from others. She wanted to learn about things that other
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If not attended to properly, they can easily develop some bias to others. Children also have a desire for fairness and they keep using it to discuss discrimination and bias. However, much care should also be made while doing this because as observed from Arwa, children are also not afraid to comment on observed differences.
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The book talks about different types of families and how wonderfully different they are made. The book teaches students that they can make families out of anything.
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The classic poetry is paired with clear illustrations telling the story of African-America Pullman porters who collected books and magazines left by passengers on trains and then tossed them off the wind so that they reach various people. The poem is mainly about the segregation of African Americans, and Whites and gives an optimistic view on how the segregation will come to an end
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