Summary Of Downsize This By Michael Moore

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Michael Moore’s article, “What is Terrorism?”, in the book Downsize This, September 1992, utilizes juxtaposition, the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect, in the arrangement of his article. Using this literary technique, he persuades the readers on how big American corporations are destroying lives of its ex-employees that were laid off because of the downsize tide. Michael Moore intelligently exposes the consequences faced by workers who were laid off by these companies, questioning if the act of laying off workers by these companies should be considered Economic terrorism, using juxtaposition to put the Economic terrorism side by side with a real terrorist attack, the Oklahoma City bombing. We…show more content…
But he knows that his audience will understand the hidden connection between the two facts. In the first and second paragraph of the article, Michael Moore creates his first juxtaposition putting two facts side by side: an example of a terrorist bombing attack (p. 1) and an example of the effects that a factory shutdown will create on it ex-employees lives (p. 2). The author’s goal is for the reader to create a mental connection, implying that corporate shutdowns are as bad as terrorist attacks. Throughout the whole article, he uses juxtaposition to effectively persuade the reader that auto manufacturing companies are killing people.

Michael Moore perfects the use of juxtaposition with the two different purpose example definitions of the Ryder Truck. Starting on paragraph four and until the end of the article, he uses the Ryder truck as an object with two distinct objectives but causing the same consequence in the end. The first objective presented by the author is the use of the Ryder Truck as a moving van for the American working-class that have been moving from state to state with a hope of survival due to the downsize tide created by big American corporations. The second objective is the link of the Ryder Truck with the Oklahoma City bombing terrorist attack in 1995. The Ryder truck was the van used by McVeigh and Nichols to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown of Oklahoma City, killing 168 people and
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