Summary Of Ed Dante's The Shadow Scholar

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With going to college comes a heavy workload that is more challenging than the work in High School. Most students learn quickly to take notes and plan ahead for their assignments, others, take an easier route. Ed Dante, the author of The Shadow Scholar, talks about the easier route that has some students paying top dollar for someone else to write their class papers. This article, Ed hopes, “will initiate such a conversation” (Dante 2). The conversation that he hopes to start is the question of how to detect cheating in semi-original papers at the college level. Firstly, Ed Dante brings up the point in his article that when he was being told about college, it was fantasized as a place for extending knowledge and more access to learning,…show more content…
Ed Dante’s idea of the conversation that needs to take place is the one that addresses this type of undetectable cheating.This type of cheating is harder for teachers and even online plagiarism checking sites to catch. Other papers can easily be detected through plagiarism sites like Turnitin, and it will give a percentage of plagiarised ideas in a paper. With the type of cheating that Ed does, it makes it harder to check the paper for originality because it is specifically original work. It is not written by the student, but a stranger and they pay more money than what it would have taken to write the paper themselves. Consequently, this type of cheating is the perfect way for stressed out students to complete assignments without having to put in the work. Dante aims towards the teachers as well as the students by asking how “ a student who struggles to formulate complete sentences in a conversation manages to produce marginally competent research?” (Dante 2), and wondering how these types of signs got past them. This helps his conversation about cheating by showing a red flags that may indicate some sort of cheating. If a student has turned in work that is subpar throughout the year and by the end magically produces a paper that is better than previous, that should raise some eyebrows This conversation is a reasonable one to have, this kind of cheating may be a good deal in the student’s eyes, but in Dante’s, it is becoming a major issue that is going
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