Summary Of ' Emily 's Pov '

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Emily’s POV

All I want in this worlds is for Dan to be happy. For him not to feel the despair. He hasn’t talked to me in two years, and I miss him everyday. Why couldn’t I be there for him? Why couldn’t I see the signs? They were so obvious….I just want another chance!
I heard there was a new kid coming today maybe he can help Dan, maybe he can make him feel loved again.

Phil’s POV

I walk in with my heart rate skyrocketing, and stomach is churning. It’s a new start to my sophomore year. That is what I need, a place where no one knows me or what I have done. I walk into the office to get my locker number and schedule. “Hi, I, uh am here for my schedule.” The lady at the desk gave me a strange look “Oh you’re the new kid Philip right?”. I nodded, I hate when people call me Philip it makes me sound like an old guy, like old people are nice but I’m not old, now I feel bad for old people. “Alright deary here you go.” She smiles while handing me my combo and schedule. “Thank you.” I walk out and head to the my first class. I walked to my class, I was standing in front of the door to scared to open it, I’m just so nervous what if no one likes me. I decided to open it and within a second all eyes were on me, but only one stood out. They belonged to this boy who had a fringe like mine and eyes that can make anyone melt. “Class this is the new student Philip” the teacher said taking my attention off the boy, “Oh ya hi, but I go by phil not Philip, sorry it just sounds like a
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