Summary Of Eric Burnham By Eric Burnham

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“His hair had turned gray, his mustache nearly white, but his eyes were as blue as ever, bluer at this instant by proximity to the sea.” (1)
Even though Burnham looks very old, his eyes show that he is still as intelligent and sharp as he used to be when he was younger. His physical appearance is no match to his intellectual mind. Through his eyes, it shows that over the many years of experience, Burnham has acquired even more wisdom than he ever had.


“There was diphtheria, typhus, cholera, influenza. And there was murder.” (12)
The author obviously intended to start a sentence with the conjunction “and”. Eric Larson wanted to emphasize that there was a lot of murder happening in chicago along with many other diseases. Larson could have easily put “and there was murder” connected to the listed diseases but, he wanted to put emphasis on the murder part by catching the audience's attention through the use “incorrect grammar”.


“Burnham immediately went to Margaret's father to break the engagement, on grounds of the courtship could not continue in the shadow of scandal.” (21)
Burnham is a very honorable man. Immediately after he finds out about his brothers scandal, he goes to break off the engagement to save Margaret's name from getting tarnished by this said scandal. He must have loved and cared for his future wife enough to break off the engagement to save her name from being soiled.


“As the firm grew, so did the city. It got bigger, taller, and
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