Summary Of ' Eveline ' And ' A Painful Case '

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AuthorLastName2 Paralysis of the Main Characters in “Eveline” and “A Painful Case” The two characters in Dubliners short stories; Mr. Duffy and Eveline present strong feeling of paralysis throughout the excerpts. Mr. Duffy lives in Chapelzoid suburbs of Dublin, and he considers life of the city unpleasant and pretentious. He lives in dull old house which he ordinarily sits near the window where he can view the city from the distance. Walls of his home spring high and has uncarpeted floor with no picture hanged on the wall. His house is small and quite well arrange. The narrator pictures his house in details; he has arranged books on the shelves and furniture are well ordered in the house. Eveline is yet another tale; the narrator gives background of her family who are close-knit and resides in City. Around the neighborhood, there was a field near their house where she used to play with their childhood friends, but times have improved. That field is filled up with red houses being built. Mr. Duffy 's life runs on a schedule that is routine. He works in the bank as a cashier in Baggot street where he arrive at his workplace in the morning, leave to Dan Burke 's for lunch and takes his dinner in a quiet place at George 's Street. He does not have friends nor does he have a religious belief. The story tells audience that Mr. Duffy lived life without any religious conviction, and he did not share any communion with anyone. He performed these two social duties for showing respect

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