Summary Of ' Eveline ' By James Joyce

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This is a story of an eighteen year old girl named Eveline, who was beaten, abused, threatened and frustrated by her father, in which she makes a decision to run away from home. But when she flashed back on the promises she made to her mother, she decided to stay with her family “strange that it should come that very night to remind her of the promise to her mother, her promise to keep the home together as long as she could” (James Joyce 204). Eveline wisely realized that leaving her family was not going to bring a solution to the situation in her home. Eveline’s father always beats her every day, even to the extent of taking from her, the money she had worked hard to earn from her little job, just to deliberately make her sad. All these situations in her family, reminded her of when her mother was alive, she remembers that her family was very happy. And as a little girl, she goes to the playing ground to play with her brothers, their friends and the neighbor’s children. Eveline decides to stay with her father, because of the fear of the future, she is unsure of Frank’s love and her promises to stay with her family. Firstly, Eveline decided to stay with her family because she is not courageous enough to run away from home. Eveline wants to satisfy her mind when she was about to leave by saying to herself that her life is not “wholly undesirable” (James Joyce 203). The writer of this short story actually makes a statement of how unattractive and tough Eveline’s life truly

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