Summary Of ' Eveline ' By James Joyce

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In 1914 James Joyce wrote a short story called “Eveline.” The story is about a young girl who wants have freedom and happiness. Also for someone to be there and love her. Eveline is faced with a difficult decision of staying with a family that has practically already fallen apart, or leaving with her future husband, Frank. Eveline lives in a place called Dublin with what is left of her family. Eveline has a big family with brothers and sisters, but one her brothers passed. His name was Ernest and the narrator said “Ernest had been [Eveline’s] favorite.” Another brother that had been mentioned in the story is Harry. Harry no longer lives at home. He travels a lot throughout the country with his “church decorating business.” Eveline had also lost her mother, but when her mother was still alive she promised her that she will “keep the home together as long as she could.” That was her mission according to Linda Rohrer Paige: “Her mission…is providing the glue that will hold together a crumbling family together (Paige).” When losing a mother can be challenging to undergo, but also promising to stay and keep the family together. That would be heart wrenching and that is exactly how Eveline is felling at the moment. Sense her mother had died Eveline felt she is “imprisoned in domestic, ‘motherly’ duties (Paige).” After all these tragic events that have occurred in Eveline’s life, now she is living at home with her father. There are sometimes where Eveline “felt herself in danger of

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