Summary Of ' Eveline ' By James Joyce

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Choices In the short story “Eveline,” written by James Joyce in 1914, Eveline lived a poverty stricken life with her father, whom was an abusive drunk. Eveline struggles with wanting to leave her dead end life or stay and take care of her father, which she believes is her duty. James Joyce’s “Eveline” tells a story of a girl who longs to live her own life away from her dark depressing home and her abusive father and start a new life with Frank who offers her a new life that she has only dreamed of, yet her inner struggles to leave may just be enough to keep her there. Eveline’s home life is nothing but a dark depressing tragedy that she is longing to get far away from. Eveline was now the only child left in house. She was to care for her…show more content…
It was hard work--a hard life--…” Eveline wanted to get away. She wanted a new life away from her troubles at home where she could be a woman with a purpose. Frank is offering Eveline the chance of a life time to escape her spiraling downward hole of a life where she doesn’t have to be belittled every day and can start a new life where she is a respected woman. Frank was offering Eveline the chance to get away and have a new life: “She was to go away with him by the night-boat to be his wife and to live with him in Buenos Ayres where he had a home waiting for her.” She had a whole new life just handed to her. A life where she could be respected and have someone take care of her. He showed her how much he cared in just the simplest of ways: “He used to meet her outside the Stores every evening and see her home.” Simple gestures like that showed how he wanted to take care of her. He is wanting to show her what it was like to be taken care of instead of taking care of everyone else. Frank is the one chance that Eveline may ever have to get away. Eveline’s father knows that and tries to make sure his daughter never sees Frank again: “Of course, her father had found out the affair and had forbidden her to have anything to say to him ‘I know these sailor chaps,’ he said. One day he had quarrelled with Frank and after that she had to
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