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In this essay, I will be discussing different elements of fairy tales from Angela Carter Burning your Boats. I will be discussing The Loves of Lady Purple, Penetrating to the Heart of the Forest, The Bloody Chamber and The Werewolf. Between the four of these stories, they displace a wide variety of feminism that the Grimm Brothers and Anderson did not display.
From reading The Loves of Lady Purple, this story didn’t resemble a normal fairy tale, this story resembles gothic literature. Lady Purple was no princess, she was no queen of a kingdom or a castle, she was a cruel, vicious person. Lady purple was a vampire and Angela Carter described her as, “white as chalk because it was covered with the skin of supplest white leather which also clothes her torso, jointed limbs and complication of extremities. Her beautiful hands seemed more like weapons because her nails were so long, five inches of pointed tin enameled scarlet, and she wore a wig of black hair arranged in a chignon more heavily elaborate than any human neck could have endured. This monumental chevelure was stuck through with many brilliant pins tipped with pieces of broken mirror so that, every time she moved, she cast a multitude of scintillating reflections which danced about the theatre like mice of light. Her clothes were all of deep, dark, slumberous colors - profound pinks, crimson and the vibrating purple with which she was synonymous, a purple the color of bloods in a love suicide” (Carter, p. 43, 1995).
Lady Purple was not a typical woman in a fairy tale, if you want to call this story a fairy tale. In most fairy tales, women are passive, their hardly paid attention to, they’re expected look a certain and act a certain way. Their Lady Purple was none of that, she was cruel, manipulative, she was not a true prostitute for she was the object on which men prostituted themselves. In most fairy tales, woman are portrayed as vampires who are gold diggers, but Lady Purple was in this case.
I think the reason why Angela Carter wrote this story was to step away from the fairy tale approach. From reading this story, I did not pick up on any fairy tale elements. When I was reading this story, I thought there would be a love interest between Lady

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