Summary Of Fasting, Feasting By Anita Desai

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Anita Desai is considered the writer who introduced the psychological novel in the tradition of Virginia Woolf. Desai's novels span an extensive range of issues. They map the evolution of a writer from obsession with the unrevealed inner-world of her female characters to themes of perennial interest to all. Her preoccupation with the female psyche provides way to issues of larger human interests demonstrating the authors own growth to maturity. Desai explores the state of nothingness in some of her women's lives. Their soft simmering anger and lackadaisical attitude arouses contrary emotions of sympathy and irritation. Desai describes her women characters as 'slipper dragging' i.e. gesture of defiance and of dissatisfaction. Majority of her…show more content…
The novel deals with the story of two very different worlds- an extremely orthodox and domineering Indian family and an unusually idiosyncratic family in Massachusetts. Uma, the protagonist of the first part of the book represents the attitude of the author. Through this woman character, Desai endeavours to expose the hypocrisy and male-chauvinism in a particular conservative society or family. She shows how Uma bears the brunt of many insults and abuse flung by her own…show more content…
The parents make frantic attempts to marry Uma- perhaps the final terminus for every Indian girl. She undergoes two traumatic experiences related to matrimony. Firstly, a suitor waits in the wings when the boy's family visits Uma's family and demands the hand of Aruna, the younger sister instead. Meanwhile, another proposal comes for Uma in which the boy's parents ask for dowry under the pretext of using it to build a house for Uma and their son. After the engagement, when negotiation began for the wedding, the prospective groom's parents break off the betrothal with the excuse that the boy was opting for higher education. Uma is a shattered girl when fuel was added to fire in the form of numerous marriage proposals for her younger sister. Aruna was better in many ways, physically, academically and even in

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