Summary Of Father And Son Relationships In Henry IV Part 1

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While almost any man can father a child, there is so much more importance of the father figure in a child’s lifetime. Fathers that are willing to be actively involved have a great importance in their sons lives. They are able to add to their sons knowledge of manhood. Shakespeare made that certain in his writing “Henry IV, Part 1”. This play goes into depth of father son relationships between two characters; Hotspur and Prince Hal. These two characters both posed fathers that had the capability of affecting their life choices and not always for the right reasons. The two men had two father figures to look up to. Falstaff, was an old drunk who revolved his life around partying and stealing. Henry IV believed that Prince Hal was simply sent to him as a punishment. The two together both made Prince Hal the man he was. Hotspur had the two conniving father figures; Thomas and Henry Percy. Their overall plan was just to make Hotspur’s life and living hell. Father and son relationships have the capability to influence one's relationships with others and the choices made in their futures and that is exactly what these men did. Henry IV Part one tells a story about Prince Hal, a heir to the british throne and his “evolution” from wild child to an independent leader. However, Prince Hal stated this whole wild child movement was just for show. He believes that acting like an immature young adult and then having a big change will make the people enjoy his as a leader even more.
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