Summary Of ' First Missionary Journey '

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First Missionary Journey The book of Acts describes how Paul was ministering in Antioch with Barnabas, when he was directed by the Holy Spirit to be released from his Church duties. The Holy Spirit had another assignment for Paul, and that was to go and take the Gospel more widely. Some believe that this notion came from the Holy Spirit through fasting and prayer. Paul began his first missionary in the town of Antioch. Throughout Paul’s first missionary journey he was accompanied by Barnabas and Barnabas cousin John Mark. God gave Paul a mission to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. They traveled from city to city spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, the message was not always being received. It is really no confirmed certainty on why John Mark eventually left Paul and Barnabas to return to Jerusalem. The Jews went on record as being in opposition to the Gospel, but Paul kept preaching the Gospel to the Gentiles. Paul saw that the Gentiles were very receptive to the Gospel. Although many Gentiles accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there were Jews that continued to display their anger towards the Gospel. There were some Jews that came and stirred up the crowd at Lystra against Paul and Barnabas. This crowd also stoned and left Paul for dead, but Paul did not allow that to stop him from preaching the Gospel to the city of Lystra. Lystra and Derbe proved to be fruitful areas to preach the Gospel, but not without their difficulties. One convert at Lystra on this
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