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Wendelle Abalos English 1A 5 October 2017 One’s True Self Religion, hobbies, beliefs, jobs, and social groups are just some of the few aspects that establishes one’s identity. The novel Flight written by Sherman Alexie showcases an Indian boy named Zits who time travels to different time periods while embodying numerous individuals. While in the different bodies, Zits is able to get a better sense of the person’s character by experiencing what they feel and what they intend to do. Through his time travels, Zits becomes aware of how one’s identity is defined. One’s identity can be determined by their ethnicity and social class; however, factors such as their thoughts, motives, and actions play a major role in establishing it as well.…show more content…
Even though he is Indian and is supposed to kill the white soldiers, the way he sees the situation conflicts with his race. His internal thoughts and feelings display the boy’s true identity which is that he is a pessimist and is not wanting to cause any more harm because no good will come out of it. The intentions of a person play a key role in the portrayal of one’s identity. Zits meets Justice, a boy who he later befriends, in a jail cell after he is arrested for pushing his foster mother against the wall. The two boys bond quickly and become really close friends. As Zits and Justice grow closer together, Zits begins to view Justice as a role model because he never had anyone to look up to. Justice eventually persuades Zits to commit violent and illegal crimes because Zits wants to make Justice happy. Every night Justice constantly asks Zits if he believes in the Ghost Dance, but he never answers; however, one night Zits finally admits to believing in it (Alexie 34). This ultimately results in Justice convincing Zits to shoot up a bank in order to bring back the dead Indians from the dead. Justice purposely kept asking Zits the question because he knew that one day Zits would give into his temptations. Justice used the fact that he was smarter than Zits to brainwash him into thinking that he was a good person. Justice’s motives expose the person he really is; in other words, Justice is a manipulative,

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