Summary Of Formation By Anne Moody

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These lyrics symbolize power of black women and it proves that as women we have the ability to get in formation and set free from the growing cultural standards and turn out to be successful while being leaders. Beyoncé, one of the most highly recognized black women of our time is a model of how black women are looked at in the media. As a society, we are so used to looking at celebrities and models and we forget what the average woman looks like and from there we continue to stereotype and pick a part things that are wrong with black women. In turn, we are degrading their identity and I think “Formation” does a good job by reenacting a black society and the troubles that we go through.

Anne Moody rejected the stereotypical comments of being an African American woman landing her in a better position than most women
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Regardless of being black and lacking all the other resources that were given to the whites, Anne was determined to change the African American identity experience. For example, as an activist she was very strong-minded and

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