Summary Of Four Articles On Reading Skills

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Summary of Four Articles on Reading Skills Fenton-Smith, B. and Stillwell, C. (2010). Reading discussion groups for teachers: connecting theory to practice. ELT Journal, 65(3), pp.251-259. In the article ‘Reading discussion groups for teachers: connecting theory to practice’, the authors Fenton-Smith and Stillwell, made an argument in support of reading discussion groups for teachers, they suggested that RDGs can make that ‘connection between theory, research and practice’ and suggest that it is a ‘key’ because there is a much larger collection of academic genres than all the others combined. The paper focused on the use of collaborative, local and accessible professional literature to support teacher engagement and also on techniques employed over a three –month period at the end of the groups third year. He asked two questions: The firstly, what are the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the six formats of reading discussions? Secondly, how do teachers prefer reading discussions to be conducted? Some mixed techniques were employed to conduct this investigation, as quantitatively, the format features and attendance, the interest in repeating a format by all respondents and the interest in repeating a discussion format by attendees only, were quantified; also, the researchers used surveys to collect qualitative information. There were a number of discussion formats used: PowerPoint hand-outs, opinion pieces, video, text with author present, book reviews and
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