Summary Of Fox's 'Monitoring Your Baby'

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In this article, Fox states some information about what babies are likely to do in their first month to their 18 month. Fox gives a list of milestones new parents should monitor effectively to understand what to look for in their baby as normal behavior. Fox was explaining in this article, the different stages of behavior babies do as they develop. We all know that it’s normal for a baby to focus on an object and follow it for a bit with their eyes. Also, it normal for a baby to start saying “bababa” and “dadada. Those types of behaviors can show that your baby is developing normally. In article, fox also explains how it’s normal for a baby to roll over from stomach to back and sit independently and these are also things to look for to determine that your baby is developing normally. At one year, if your baby had said her first…show more content…
However, just because your baby doesn’t do those things, doesn’t mean they’re not developing normally. Sometimes it may be hard to understand and know if your baby is developing normally or not, but as fox said in the article if you concerned about the development of your baby then take your baby to a specialist. This article relates to human growth and development because the article is covering how to see and understand if your baby is developing normally. It’s important to know how a child function and process information if you’re a teacher or if you become a parent. Observing babies and children behavior, can help parents and teachers understand how they process things, and by doing this it will determine their stage of development. The purpose of personal development for this article, is a way for parents to assess their children qualities when it comes to personal development. The core value of personal development for this article is about the strength of a character. The strength of a character is part of baby development because understanding the your baby strength, is a factor of observing if your bay is
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