Summary Of ' Frankenstein ' By Judith Guest

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Nia Gordon 6/4/15 Kaufman/10 G Band Outline Frankenstein by Mary Shelly and Ordinary People by Judith Guest’s both display the consistent theme of abandonment by parent guardians. Both protagonists, the Creature and Conrad, experience rejection from their parents and constantly try to search for love and attention in different aspects of society because they unfortunately can not receive it from their parents. Because no individual wants to associate with the Creature he becomes imorally and seeks revenge on the entire human race for not accepting him. Contrastly Conrad fortunately has the support of several individuals who are constantly trying to make him happy even though he is only trying to seek the acceptance of his mother. Although both the Creature in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Conrad in Judith Guest 's Ordinary People are both abandoned by parental figures, the creature is unable to gain support from anyone making him completely isolated, while Conrad is able to gain support from Berger his therapist and his father Cal, ultimately allowing him to heal from the rejection of his mom. The Creature in Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein and Conrad in Judith Guest’s Ordinary People are both abandoned by a parent figure because they do not meet the high expectations of perfection placed on them by their parents. After the tragic death of his brother, Conrad and his family were unfortunately unable cope with the loss so instead of talking about it “they wouldn 't be

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