Summary Of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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ID # 3 And it was like a confirmation of their new dreams and good intentions when at the end of their ride, their daughter stood up first and stretched her young body. The last few lines of Franz Kafka’s, “Metamorphosis,” points out that Gregor is not the only one in the family that undergoes changes of some kind. There are two other changes that have happened throughout the story. When Gregor turns into the bug, his family realizes that he can no longer support them. Here it seems to be like Gregor dying was an answer to their prayers. When it says, “And it was like a confirmation of their new dreams and good intentions,” they could now move on with their lives and start over. Since Gregor dies, his family realizes they would all have to get jobs. This made them feel safe. His family went from being sad to being very happy with their new life. The other transformation that happened was how Grete went from a little girl to a woman. When Grete starts to take care of Gregor, she slowly starts to become more mature. The very last line of the story, “Their daughter stood up and stretched her young body,” represents how she has a nice, young body and she is mature enough to find a husband. She transformed into a woman, just as Gregor transformed into a beetle, and his family into a happier one.

ID #6 Rather than words comes the thought of high windows:
The sun-comprehending glass,
And beyond it, the deep blue air, that shows
Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless. The
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