Summary Of GMO Regulation Simulation

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We can expect push back to this policy in regards to the extension of time it will take for a GMO to reach the market along with the economic implications that this policy will bring. Any party that is invested in the GMO market such as Monsanto (a major producer of GMOs) or any company that would sell GMOs to the public will be strongly against our policy. This is because our policy would impose further regulation on an industry that is already heavily regulated. Our opponents would argue that 13 years of testing/studying GMO’s before being approved for the public is more than sufficient and that elongating that process would be harmful to the GMO industry. Extending the time it takes for a GMO to hit the market will slow down the economic growth of the relatively new industry, which is why it is important to offer subsidies to companies that are invested in the production of…show more content…
Our policy could also receive push back in regard to priorities within the GMO industry. Our policy prioritizes further testing for possible long-term consequences that GMOs can cause in order to provide evidence that GMOs are safe for concerned consumers. People against our policy might argue that a faster implementation of GMOs into our agriculture for the sake of food security takes priority over educating the public about GMOs. We feel like this policy provides balance and considers everybody's best interest on both sides of the issue because it addresses the concerns of people against GMOs with the long term goal of increasing the usage of GMOs and recognizing the necessity of them. In addition, pushing GMOs into the public too fast could cause defects within products to slide through testing without notice, causing problems later down the line when they are made available to the
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