Summary Of George Fitzhugh 's ' The Emancipation Of Slavery ' Essay

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The emancipation of slavery is an issue that I feel most strongly about. Slavery is an evil, and the treatment of these people is the vilest. A man taking it upon himself to own and force into labor another man, and control his every move, is not one that has a high understanding of ethics and morals. We might fight to cease this cruel treatment and allow these people equality and liberty, just like what we bravely fought for against the British. A pro-slavery supporter, George Fitzhugh, makes the claim that slavery is beneficial for both the slaves and white people, and makes a comparison between slavery and white factory workers. The flaws in this are apparent, and slavery is not something to ignore and deem acceptable with no insight to the truth. George Fitzhugh argues that slavery is justified because although they are not free, they are taken care of by their masters and have no outside worries or cares as a result of that. He paints an inaccurate picture of them, one that makes it seem acceptable, almost a preferred lifestyle. The issue with that is that it is not reality. The horrors of slave culture are ones that cannot easily be matched. The vilest acts are done to these people, and all because they have a different skin color. Families have been torn apart, mothers separated from children and children suddenly without their parents. They are unlikely to ever see their families again. Fitzhugh argues that "the master 's interest prevents his reducing the slave 's

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