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There are many ways to persuade others. The New Abolitionism by Chris Hayes, Elegy for The Country's Seasons by Zadie Smith, and Why Privacy Matters by Glenn Greenwald are all well written, but the most convincing of them is Greenwald's Why Privacy Matter. Evidence of why the Greenwald's writing is most convincing can be seen in his tone, style of writing, and language.
Likely, Hayes and Smith are talking about climate change, but Greenwald talks about the privacy of the individual. To briefly describe each article, Hayes's The New Abolitionism is a comparison about the abolition of slavery and reduce the use of fossil fuels. And the use of fossil fuels associates with climate change. Smith's Elegy for The Country's Seasons tells us how we react emotionally to climate change. And on the surface, we say that we do not feel serious about climate change. However, in Greenwald's Why Privacy Matters, it tells us why our privacy should be kept as Greenwald mentions in his writing. He is one of the reporters who revealed the US government's massive scrutiny of ordinary citizens. We talk about why we should be concerned about our privacy even if we have not acted to hide it.
To begin with, Greenwald's tone is different, unlike Hayes and Smith. In The New Abolitionism, Hayes has audacious tone. For example, he claims “because the abolitionists were ultimately successful, it’s all too easy to lose sight of just how radical their demand was at the time: that some of the wealthiest people in the country would have to give up their wealth. That liquidation of private wealth is the only precedent for what today’s climate justice movement is rightly demanding: that trillions of dollars of fossil fuel stay in the ground…There is no way around conflict with this much money on the line, no available solution that makes everyone happy. No use trying to persuade people otherwise” (Hayes para.36). He is not comparing fossil fuel company and slave’s owner. He uses this case to show how violent the demands of climate activists are. He suggests that these demands are not so convenient and easy, but in the right way, in the name of justice. In contrast, in Elegy for The Country's Seasons, Smith rebukes the appearance of our response

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