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Alexandra Dorman Mrs. Ermis English 1302.02N 1 November 2014 Summary of “Good Country People” In each of Flannery O’Connor’s works she inhabits a Christian aspect or theme. In O’Connor’s short story Good Country People, a 32-year-old atheist woman named Joy is faced with the representation of evil in our society. The protagonist Joy believes that her name doesn’t fit who she is. Because of this opinion she decides to legally change her name to Hulga. When Hulga was 10 years old she was in a hunting accident, which caused her to end up needing an artificial leg for the rest of her life. She also has a “weak heart”, the doctors have told her she probably will not make it to 42-years-old. As her life has gone by Hulga has become angry and bitter. But one day, a man named Manley Pointer, a bible salesman shows up to her house. When he comes into the house he charms the 3 women in the house. By the end of the visit, he has made a plan to meet Hulga at the gate at 10 o’ clock the next day. The first thing Manley asks about is her artificial leg. He could tell that, that wasn’t a comfortable subject for her so he dropped it. That day Hulga receives her first kiss; she wasn’t practically impressed. As the day goes by you can see Hulga’s plan to seduce him starts to unfold. They end up going to a barn and start kissing, Suddenly Manley says he loves her and demands she say it back. Soon he convinces her to show him how to take her leg off and put it on. This to Hulga made her

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