Summary Of ' Great Expectations '

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Kaylee-Anna Jayaweera Mr. DiGiulio Honors Freshmen English 7 November 2014 Life by Chance, Gentleman by Choice In this novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Pip is a common boy whose expectations arise once he encounters an immensely “rich and grim lady” (Dickens 56) who appears as a “wax-work and skeleton seem(ing) to have dark eyes that only moved (to) look at (Pip)” (57). This first simple encounter sparks a collection of decisions and manipulations that kickoff the plot to the story. This all pulls to the theme that life is a pure game of chance –just as cards are to the game of poker - it is how you take advantage of those opportunities that define your character. This benefit of chance can be seen through the view of Pip and Miss Havisham due to their differences in social rising, ambitions, respect for the world around them, and their actions towards each other. Pips social rising is one of great luck and coincidence, but can be most credited to the hard work of the one and only Abel Magwitch (Provis/Mr.Campbell). This can be seen when Pip encounters Magwitch for the second time and realizes he is his benefactor, Magwitch states, “As I giv ' you to understand just now, I 'm famous for it. It was the money left me, and the gains of the first few year wot I sent home to Mr. Jaggers—all for you—when he first come arter you, agreeable to my letter" (345). This identifies the fact that Magwitch has spent his whole life earning money for Pip so he may prosper in
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