Summary Of Guitar Notes By Mary Amato

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Guitar Notes

The book “Guitar Notes” by Mary Amato was about a guy named Tripp Broody and a girl name Lyla Marks. They both play a type of guitar. Leaving each other notes in the guitar case got them to grow a great friendship throughout the year, despite them disliking each other at the beginning. This book interested me because of the picture on the front. It was a white acoustic guitar with writing in pencil on it; it also had a cool black background.

Right before the school year started Tripp’s mom took away his guitar. It was taken because he wouldn’t listen or do any of his summer reading. She wanted Tripp to good grades or wait till next summer to receive his guitar back. When the school year started Tripp borrowed the school’s guitar, although he was not suppose to. Tripp sign up for one of the two practice rooms. He got the room A on odd days during lunch time. There is this other student named Lyla
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It was finally the day of her contest and the wedding. They went to the wedding that was at the river. While Tripp and Lyla were setting up for the wedding, Lyla’s parents were freaking out on where she was and why she had not been there. Aking around her parents found out that they were at another wedding. They were not happy with them. Tripp and Lyla were having a blast playing for the happily wedded couple. By the time her parents arrived at the wedding, Tripp and Lyla were already packing their stuff. Lyla’s parents stormed in while they were getting payed. Her parents were pissed off; they were trying to rush Lyla to hurry so they could make the contest. Lyla told her parents she don't want to compete anymore and she was only do it to make them happy. After all that commotion Tripps mother gave him back his guitar since he has been good and has decent grades. Lyla and Tripp were able to continue performing for larger
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