Summary Of ' H Hyung '

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There they were, standing, staring at him. Six pairs of eyes were frozen at the sight; each peered at the corpse.

One, two, three drops of tears began to fall; four, five, six eyes closed, doubtful of their sight; seven, eight, nine seconds before one of them gave up; ten hours, the body was dead for ten hours already, and not single soul in the group knew about it.

“H-hyung.” Jimin began to speak, his voice cracked as if preventing himself from breaking down.

“ sure that is...Jin hyung?” Hoseok turned to their manager.

“Unfortunately, yes. I...I don’t even know what to say, what to do. H-he was found floating in the sea. He drove his father’s car by the beach. His father said that Jin asked permission from him, said he wanted to breathe some fresh air.” Bang PD said, managing to complete his statement while sniffling and wiping countless tears.

“How could this be?” Namjoon finally spoke, as the leader he needs to do this, to show how strong he is, even in the worst situation, like now.

“We don’t know Namjoon-ah. He did not leave any notes, messages or voice calls. He didn’t say anything to you?” Their manager asked.

“N-no. We bid our goodbyes when you gave us a week to rest. He said he’s going to visit home and rest there.” Jimin said.

“As for the autopsy, they said that they found out he’s been taking pills, anti-depressant and sleeping pills. From the last hours of his life, they found out that he’s been continuously taking these pills, obviously more…
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