Summary Of Hamlet's First Soliloquy In Act 1 Scene 2

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Hamlet’s first soliloquy in Act 1 Scene 2 reveals important key thoughts Hamlet holds for related characters. The purpose for this soliloquy is to inform the audience of Hamlet’s true feelings about his family and life, which provides the audience with a deeper understanding and meaning of the future choices chosen throughout the play. One of the more intriguing truths revealed by Hamlet is the disgust he holds for his mother’s new relationship and her little acknowledgment of her husband's death. In the ending half of Hamlet’s soliloquy, Hamlet begins to show his hate towards the little amount of mourn his mother has towards his dear father's death, Hamlet’s anger with this indicates that simple assumptions can be made that something involving his father’s death was not right and he could get suspicious that such amount of disregard would be in the mind of his mother. Before Hamlet’s soliloquy, Hamlet was persuaded by both his mother and new father to remain in Denmark to learn the roles as king, as he is next in line. For the king letting Hamlet leave Denmark to pursue education in another country is very dangerous and silly, but just earlier in the scene, Laertes was easily allowed to return to France by the king. As we know, the newly found King does this for the sole purpose that Hamlet will not find anything out about how he killed his brother to take his spot as king. Hamlet does not like and gives off signs of that, but hesitatingly agrees. An obvious sign of

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