Summary Of ' Her Third Marriage ' And ' Tea Cake ' Woods '

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Her third marriage was to Vergible “Tea Cake” Woods. This marriage was a choice and Janie was highly cautious before deciding to be with him. Similarly to Joe she did not know what to expect from being with Tea Cake. Janie went into this marriage having hopes of achieving true love and her idea of marriage. She hoped that she would be able to put her values first and that she did. “Tea Cake and Janie gone hunting. Tea Cake and Janie gone fishing. Tea Cake and Janie gone to Orlando to the movies. Tea Cake and Janie gone to a dance. Tea Cake making flower beds in Janie’s yard and seeding the garden for her. Chopping down that tree she never did like by the dining room window. All those signs of possession. Tea Cake in a borrowed car teaching Janie to drive. Tea Cake and Janie playing checkers; playing coon-can; playing Florida flip on the store porch all afternoon as if nobody else was there. Day after day and week after week.” (Hurston 129). Tea Cake was about 12 years younger than Janie, which is probably why he was so free and adventurous. He was not as traditional as Logan and Joe. Tea Cake allowed her the freedom and support she needed. He allowed exploration of her self-identity. Unlike her other husbands, Tea Cake was encouraging. He encouraged her to follow her own interests and with that she was fulfilled. Although she was fulfilled with Tea Cake and able to openly explore her values, he was similar to her other husband’s in many ways. Tea Cake was controlling in that

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