Summary Of He's White By Ann Coulter

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PRECIS Ann Coulter’s column, “Media Finds Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive: He’s White” (Oct 12, 2017), asserts that the media is blaming white men for the violence in America. The author supports this claim by showing a few headlines from unidentified sources and outlets. The author’s purpose is to race-bait in order to shift the central political argument from gun control to race. Given the inflammatory language of this article and the rhetorical questions she wants attention drawn to, the intended audience of this article would be conspiracy theorists, gun enthusiasts, and racists.
Critical Analysis Despite the absurd headline of this article the first half of this column is adequately reasonable. Ann Coulter begins by just opening up a conversation of why an event so tragic and calamitous could have happened. She recognizes the situation the country is in which would be the utmost confusion mixed with growing fears. Americans are completely dumbfounded as to why a multimillionaire who wasn’t a religious zealot would arm himself to the teeth and lay down hellish fire upon thousands of innocent lives. So beginning in this article Ann Coulter was simply asking questions to open a conversation about what the motives of the gunman may
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This is where lunacy and racist meet to form an abomination not suitable to be seen by human eyes. Ann Coulter coughs up this nonsensical argument from out of thin air. She references a few headlines for her evidence to show that the media is attacking the white race especially males. This is questionable evidence at best though because there is no sourcing or any sort of mention as to where these headlines are coming from. A quick google search about the motives of the Las Vegas shooter will chaperon no articles expressing the belief that white males are responsible for the violence in
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