Summary Of Hiding Behind The Screen By Roger Scruton

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Hiding Behind the Screen In today's world we use our screens to hide behind, from making avatars, to Facebook, to simply adding a friend on any media site. We constantly avoid human interactions, using media as a front. Hiding Behind the Screen was written by English philosopher Roger Scruton. This article goes into great depth about Scrutons views on the use of technology. A title such as Hiding Behind the Screen can catch the attention of pretty much anyone, mostly more of the younger crowd. The words “hiding” and “screen” already sets up that this article is going to be about social media in some form. From the beginning to the end of the article his usage in strong arguments,words, and information appeals to his readers. Listing more and more ways the media plays tricks on our perception of the world around us.
The author Roger Scruton is 73 years old; he grew up in Buslingthorpe, Lincolnshire England. Roger Scruton is a well rounded writer, because of his vast array of works ranging from novels to operas. Scruton, a conservative and has written many books. Most of which were about being a conservative; for example, his book “How to be a Conservative” (2014). Not only did Scruton write, he taught Philosophy at Birkbeck College,Oxford University, and The University of St. Andrews. Scruton became known after he and three other British philosophers founded the Jan Hus Educational Foundation, which was an underground education network where professors would teach

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