Summary Of Hip-Hop Planet By James Mcbride

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In the persuasive essay, “Hip- Hop Planet”, the author, James McBride tries to persuade the readers to listen to hip-hop music. He explains how hip hop music is significant in history, and how it has taken over the music world. McBride begins the essay by telling the readers of his nightmare. He once feared that his daughter would arrive home one day with a stereotyped rapper husband with “ mouthful of gold teeth, a do-rag on his head… and a thug attitude” (McBride 1). He came to realize that he in fact, hip-hop, a genre that he once didn’t believe was music, had become one of the most known genres in the world. The speaker first heard his first rap song at a college party in Harlem in 1980. The jazz lover he was, cringed at the rap music he claimed to be so poorly thought out and written. For the next 26 years of his life, he went out of his way to avoid hip-hop music all together, as if It was never there in the first place. However, he soon discovered that he missed the “most important cultural event” (McBride 1) in his lifetime. The last time in history a genre spread that fast across the world was the rising of swing jazz sometime in the 1930s. McBride encourages the older generations to start listening to hip-hop because of its tremendous amount of history it has. Hip-hop began to come alive in the Bronx. Funding for the arts program was cut from the New York City public schools department so the kids no longer had a way to express their feelings or talent

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