Summary Of Hispanics And The American Dream

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In Linda Chavez’s, “Hispanics and the American Dream” she starts by showing the growth of Hispanics in America and how they are depicted. She sees them as a valuable part of society that is steadily climbing to new heights on the socioeconomic ladder, yet the population perceives them to be the lower end and will likely remain that way. She goes on to prove this assumption by the way Hispanics are shown in the media, which states that poor and Hispanic goes hand in hand when thought of. What is failed to be seen is that most Hispanics are steadily in the middle class, but this varies within the group just as it does with all races. The analysts take into consideration the immigrants who have just entered America, legal or illegal, which in turn causes the balance to shift towards the poor side of the spectrum. Our overall perception of Hispanics plays a role in their place in society. Linda illustrates how the way we view Hispanics is what holds them back from fully growing in our society. This is mainly done through discrimination that withholds them from attaining jobs or opportunities that halts their overall progression up the ladder. The U.S. census and many other federal agencies confirms that the Hispanic race, much like any other race, works had to make a decent living and support their families. This depicts Hispanics as a race that shares a common norm of all others, yet is still treated as if they are the bottom rung of society. This is actually not the case when
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