Summary Of ' Homeless On Campus '

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Eleanor J. Bader article “Homeless on Campus” describes the lives of homeless people that are trying to get a degree. She shows the reader examples of homeless students going through hard times. The reader can see the desire to succeed from the homeless students. They work harder that every other student because they have to find a place to sleep. They also have to take care of others in some situations. Bader also mentions that community colleges should provide sleeping areas for students that find themselves in that situation. Bader does an astounding job of using literacy devices to exemplify to the reader how homeless students struggle to continue school. One form of literary device that she used was conflict. She used conflict to show that some of the situations that the students are going through, so it can be relatable. Bader uses conflict when she was describing a woman that was had to struggle with her child “I spend almost eight hours a day on the trains, “I have to leave the shelter at 5:00 a.m. for the Bronx where my girlfriend watches my son for me. I get to her house around 7:00” (Bader). Not only that, Bader also mentions the struggle to of not having work space. The student struggle to their work “Without housing, access to a work space, or access to a shower, students’ lives suffer, their grades suffer, and they are more likely to drop classes, if not withdraw entirely from school. I 've seen it happen” (Bader). That shows the readers how lucky they are to
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