Summary Of ' Hope 's Boy ' By Andrew Bridge

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Life is not what everybody expects as days pass life changes and gets harder every day. In Hope’s boy, Andrew Bridge was a 5 year old boy who had the love from her mother and share a deep connection with, who thought that nothing else mattered. However, ended up getting separated from her mother at only 7 years of age because of her mother’s mental illness. Nevertheless, Andrew suffered from her mother’s separation having to be placed in a foster care and deal with loveless foster parents. Andrew was placed with the family Leonard’s who refuse to identify him as one of their children. Andrew experience emotional and physical abuse in the Leonard’s household. Mrs. Leonard was such a heartless person to Andrew. There was a time when little things will make Mrs. Leonard mad such as maybe Andrew leaving socks in the floor, not picking up after himself or maybe nothing at all and take it out on him. Andrew Bridge stated “Digging into my arms or grabbing at my face, she screamed that the foster child in front of her was ungrateful, lazy, obnoxious, confrontational, stupid, and undeserving. With her hand at my ear or at the base of my neck, she pulled me to the floor and through rooms” (181-182). This shows how the Leonard’s treated Andrew using physical abuse. Mrs. Leonard wanted to make Andrew feel what she felt when she was a young girl. As if Andrew didn’t had enough with Mrs. Leonard’s rejection he had to suffer being emotional abuse, bulled by Christopher Mrs. Leonard’s son.
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