Summary Of Horses Of The Night By Margaret Laurence

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One 's actions are first sparked by their goals and passions, but as they grow, outer forces invade those thoughts and make them clouded, their passions start to fade and eventually disappear. As children, we dream about what we want to be when we grow up. We have hope in our eyes, and nothing can hold us back. As we grow and learn, we are forced into realization of the harsh realities we live in, making our dreams sink. We must decide if we are going to let these forces knock us down, and conform to them, or stand strong and not take 'no ' for an answer. Margaret Laurence allows us to follow the development of Chris and how outer forces effect him in the short story "Horses of the Night". When Chris first moves to Manawaka, the new town gives him hope. Manawaka is different then where he grew up, with new people, and new opportunities to explore. Chris is still young, going to high school to get an education, and still believes that he can do anything if he sets his mind to it. Some outer forces try to bring Chris ' mind into reality, such as grandfather 's reminders of Chris growing up as a poor boy and taking after his father. Chris never seemed to let these remarks affect him, "He would not argue or defend himself... He simply appeared to be absent, elsewhere." This is how Chris dealt with reality, ignoring it completely, and instead focused on his own world, the world he preferred. These forces that his grandfather put on him seem to have little effect on Chris. His

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