Summary Of House Bill 1379. To Sum Up Hb1379 Forefront

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Summary of House Bill 1379 To sum up HB1379 Forefront a leading advocate for suicide awareness easily explains the bill so, according, to University of Washington (2013) “House Bill 1379 for suicide prevention in higher education: Implementing a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention and behavioral health in higher education” (p. 1). They further explain, “Data shows that nearly 10 percent of postsecondary students had "seriously considered" suicide in the 2015-2016 school year, yet lack of funding for behavioral health resources across all sectors remains one of the largest barriers for postsecondary institutions to address its students’ behavioral health challenges” (p. 1). University of Washington (2013) explains further, “The…show more content…
Furthermore HB1379-S (2017) “It creates the suicide prevention in higher education grant program to provide funding for postsecondary institutions to develop basic infrastructure and strategic plans to support behavioral health promotion and suicide prevention” (p. 1). Lastly HB1379-S states, “It requires postsecondary institutions to submit a report to the department of health to establish a baseline for behavioral health concerns and responses at the institutions of higher education” (p. 1). Sponsors of the HB1379 are: State Representative Orwall, Stambaugh, Blake, Holy, Pollet, Tarleton, Haler, Sells, Goodman, Lovick, Frame, Kilduff, Doglio, and Stanford. The path the HB1379 has taken thus far is on Jan 18 the First reading, referred to Higher Education (Not Officially read and referred until adoption of Introduction report). And On Feb 7 Public hearing in the House Committee on Higher Education at 8:00 AM. And On Feb 10 Executive action taken in the House Committee on Higher Education at 10:00 AM. HE - Majority; 1st substitute bill be substituted, do pass. Finally on Feb 13 Referred to Appropriations. Values Reflected in HB1379 The values HB1379 reflect are student focus in university and colleges, hope, and collaboration. Starting first with student focus HB1379 is focused on supporting students in 2

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