Summary Of ' How Of Speak Asperger 's ' By Fran Goldfarb And Guthrie Devine Essay

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Summary of “How to Speak Asperger’s” In the article, “How to Speak Asperger’s,” by Fran Goldfarb and Guthrie Devine, the authors contend that learning to communicate with people with Asperger’s Syndrome is an important skill. The authors introduce the article by providing a narrative about Goldfarb’s son. The point of her narrative is that communication is misunderstood with people with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). The author, Fran Goldfarb, explains how her son misunderstands communication with his teachers, and how punishment is ineffective, because of his Asperger’s. The authors start by explaining why communication is very complex. To begin with, people with AS struggle with communication, because of their lack of social cues. They tend to miss irony, humor, and they take everything literally. That’s why people with AS don’t understand communication and everything is a struggle for them. Next, Goldfarb and Devine address the issue of the inability of those with AS to understand exceptions to general rules. They have a hard time with communication, and seeing beyond the rules. People with AS have trouble accepting changes in rules. So, her son got punished for failing to understand exceptions to rules at school. Then, the authors also report that communication with people with AS once something happens, it must always be the same. People with AS develop certain types of rituals after doing something for the first time. They fail to realize, a scenario that was once

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